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Domestic Pigs

About 73% of Uganda’s population are practice agriculture of which pig production is one of the most vibrant sector. Currently, Uganda has the largest and most rapidly growing pig production industry in East Africa, with the pig population standing at 3.2 million. Pigs are considered to be one of the fastest ways of earning an income in Uganda.

Pigs have a short maturation period (8-12 months) and they are much easier to rare for they require little space compared to other animals like cattle. It is also cheap to look after pigs since they can be fed on food left overs and local feeds such as cassava and potatoes which are cheap and readily available smallholder pig farmers such as women and teenagers.

In the rural areas in Uganda pig keeping has become one of the leading poverty alleviation activities. However, the pig production sector is being drastically affected by the frequent outbreaks of ASF epidemic in the country. This has affected and will continue to affect the pig production sector in Uganda and the world, hence calling for intervention measures such as control strategies to be developed.

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