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Fubding Opportunities

Call for Applications for PhD Study at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

A PhD position is available at the SLU. The PhD candidate will join a new project: Improved disease control by community participation - the case of African swine fever in northern Uganda. Theyare looking for someone with a background in social sciences (e.g. anthropology or rural development), but with an interest in problems related to agriculture and animal husbandry in low-income countries.

Click on the link for details of the opportunity:

African swine fever (ASF) is a severe and fatal infectious disease of pigs, with great socio-economic impact on rural communities in Uganda. ASF has been known and studied for almost 100 years, but is still uncontrolled in most areas. Using multidisciplinary participatory methods, the project will investigate reasons for farmers’ responses to the disease, such as social pressures, poverty-related constraints, and lack of health and veterinary infrastructure. The project seeks to enable more effective policies for disease control, including promotion of control interventions that are feasible to implement within the particular local context. The project, which is coordinated by researchers from the National Veterinary Institute, SVA, in Uppsala, comprises several work packages covering the subject from different angles and disciplines. For more information see:


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