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N. LeBlanc, Cortey, M., Pinero, J. Fernandez, Gallardo, C., Masembe, C., Okurut, A. Rose, Heath, L., van Heerden, J., Sánchez-Vizcaino, J. Manuel, Ståhl, K., and Belák, S., Development of a suspension microarray for the genotyping of African swine fever virus targeting the SNPs in the C-terminal end of the p72 gene region of the genome., Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 2012.
M. Tenywa, Mwanja, waiswawilson, Muwanika, V. B., Masembe, C., and Nyakaana, S., Genetic evidence of successful establishment of the Nile perch (Lates spp. L.) in East African lakes and implications for management, Management of Biological Invasions, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 77-88, 2012.
M. T. Mwanja, Muwanika, V. B., Nyakaana, S., Masembe, C., Mbabazi, D., Rutasire, J., and Mwanja, W. W., Population morphological variation of the Nile perch (Lates niloticus, L. 1758), of East African Lakes and their associated waters, African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology , vol. 5, no. 11, pp. 941-949, 2012.
C. Hyseni, Kato, A. B., Okedi, L. M., Masembe, C., Ouma, J. O., Aksoy, S., and Caccone, A., The population structure of Glossina fuscipes fuscipes in the Lake Victoria basin in Uganda: implications for vector control, Parasites & Vectors, 2012.
C. Masembe, Michuki, G., Onyango, M., Rumberia, C., Norling, M., Bishop, R. P., Djikeng, A., Kemp, S. J., Orth, A., Skilton, R. A., Ståhl, K., and Fischer, A., Viral metagenomics demonstrates that domestic pigs are a potential reservoir for Ndumu virus, Virology, 2012.
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