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Dr. Masembe wins the Wellcome Trust Grant

Charles Masembe from the College of Natural Sciences (CoNAS), Makerere University has scooped the highly competitive Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellowship in Public Health and Tropical Medicine; and has recently been promoted to Associate Professor (Molecular Genetics and Evolution).

“Transmission dynamics of African swine fever in an endemic setting at the livestock-wildlife interface” Dr. Charles Masembe, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

Charles is a veterinarian and molecular epidemiologist. Through the RUFORUM research networking and capacity building thrust, he has collaborated with several scientists in animal health and agriculture related disciplines. Congratulations to Charles for his recent promotion to the rank of Associate Professor (Molecular Genetics and Evolution). He has learned the art of conducting collaborative scientific projects and mentoring of students and colleagues. He continues to conduct research in molecular genetics and evolution of animal diseases. Charles attributes this success to the platform that RUFORUM has availed to him, and he encourages other scientists to utilise the same for greater achievements.

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