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Introduction to Niche Modelling

Do you want to know what is an Ecological Niche Model and how to calculate it? Do you want to use ecological niche models to support a species' description? Or to evaluate niche conservatism inside a taxonomical group? This course will teach you the base theory of ecological niche modelling and its main methodologies. By the end of this 5-day practical course, youwill have the capacity to perform ecological niche models and understand their results. You will be able to choose and apply the correct methodology depending in the aim of your study and type of datasets.This course is orientated to PhD and MSc students, as well as other students and researchers working on biogeography, evolutionary biology, systematists, or related disciplines. Participants will receive a diploma of course attendance, copies of The course will be mainly practical, with some theoretical lectures. 

Students will use two modelling programs: ModEco (  ModEco/) and R, the free software environment for statistical computing and graphics ( Students will learn to use modelling algorithms like Maxent and ENFA, and R packages for computing ENMs like dismo and biomod2. Also, students will learn to compare different ecological niche models by ENMTools ( .

Recommended Background*
Basic knowledge in Geographical Information Systems and R statistical package is necessary. 

*Course Format*
The first course day will be mainly theoretical. The following days will be mainly practical with some short theoretical presentations. The course will be lectured in English.

*Lecturer* : Neftalí Sillero Centro de Investigação em Ciências Geo-Espaciais (CICGE), Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade do Porto

*Course Information and Registration* : Only 24 inscriptions!

*The registration fee is 120 EURO* : Students must bring their own laptops!

Venue: Observatório Astronómico Prof. Manuel de Barros, Alameda do Monte da Virgem, Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal).

*More information in*: pages/Introduction-to-Ecological-Niche-Modelling/ 359229247606906> Neftalí Sillero <>

Monday, July 6, 2015 - 04:30 to Friday, July 10, 2015 - 01:45


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