Advisors/ Supervisors

Dr. Charlse Masembe

Principal Applicant

The lead researcher who has the main intellectual input into, and ownership of, the research if the application is successful; he/she is expected to be actively involved in the project. This is the individual with whom the Wellcome Trust will correspond about the application. The principal applicant on a project or programme grant is normally considered by the Trust to be the 'holder' of the grant. This means that if a principal applicant is in receipt of his/her own salary on the grant, and he/she takes up a post in another institution, he/she may retain principal applicant status if still eligible to do so. If a coapplicant whose salary is funded on the grant takes up a position at another institution, the responsibility for the grant would remain with the principal applicant and the grant could only be transferred to the co-applicant in his/her new location if all parties concerned (including the Trust) agreed to such a move.


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