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ASF update: Virus reaches Bulgaria; 8th outbreak in China

African Swine Fever (ASF) has now also been confirmed in Bulgaria for the 1st time. In the meantime, China has reported 3 outbreaks of ASF within 24 hours, bringing the total reported at 8.

Bulgarian authorities reported the disease in 7 backyard pigs on a farm close to the Romanian border on Friday, August 31, another country where hundreds of cases of ASF have been confirmed. The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency said the 7 infected animals were discovered on a farm in the north-eastern village of Tutrakantsi.

All pigs in the village will be culled
Tests confirmed ASF in the pigs and as a precaution all 23 pigs in the village will be culled plus a 3 km quarantine zone will be established around the perimeter of the village. All pigs within that zone must be slaughtered per order of the food safety agency.
Article Source: https://www.pigprogress.net/Health/Articles/2018/9/ASF-update-Virus-reac...


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